True Expertise

CMA sets the pace for others to follow

CMA is widely known as the leader in services, value and expertise for HOA management in Kentucky. We don’t just set the bar high, we continually raise it – and rise to the challenge of providing superior services that are designed to actually benefit boards, homeowners and communities across the state. 

Our team of expert property managers are not just “trying out” a career in property management – they are passionate and experienced professionals who have been doing this for a long time.

Knowledge & Experience Matter

  • Our managers are certified property managers; in fact we were the first accredited company in Kentucky.
  • Our managers love what they do-communicating with homeowners, bidding projects, writing contracts its our thing.
  • Our managers on average have at least 5+ years of property management experience.
  • Our Owner Tom Richards helped write the condominium act for KY!
  • Our managers have lots of other skills as well, we bring real estate knowledge, on site property management, engineering, business management, loan advising and more s to the table.
  • Our managers have the lowest manager to property ratio in the industry- this means more time focusing our your property and needs.

Our services are designed to ensure your HOA prospers, long into the future!

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