Why Associations Choose CMA

Community Management Associates, a division of Sentry Management, is Kentucky’s leader in association management services for HOA’s and COA’s. We are unmatched in terms of the services we offer. At CMA, we pride ourselves in consistently delivering the highest level of board and homeowner satisfaction in the state.

Our property management professionals are at the core of our success. Each member of our own close knit team will become a part of your team. Together, we will do great things. This, I promise.

Tom RichardsPresident, CMA


Katie Wells

Sr. Association Manager

8+ years of Large-Scale Luxury Apartment, Condominium Association, and Financial Management Experience
10+ years as a Licensed Real Estate Agent with over $50 Million in Real Estate Sales

Licensed Real Estate Agent
Notary Public
CMCA - Certified Manager Of Community
AMS - Association Management Specialist

BA - English; University of Louisville

Member - Kentucky Chapter of Community Associates Institute
Member - Kentucky Association of Realtors
Member – National Association of Realtors

Jennifer Birkemeier

Regional Director

8+ years of Large-Scale Luxury Apartment, Rental Operations, and Financial Management Experience
7+ years of Condominium and Homeowner Association Management Experience

BS - Business Administration and Marketing; University of Louisville

CMCA® - Certified Manager of Community Associations
AMS - Association Management Specialist

Member - Kentucky Chapter of Community Associations

Mary Taylor

Association Manager

5+ years of Large-Scale Luxury Apartment and Condominium Management Experience
5+ years as a Licensed Real Estate Agent
5+ years as Retail Customer Service Operator of a Designer Boutique

Licensed Real Estate Agent

BA - History; University of Louisville

Member - Kentucky Chapter of Community Associates Institute
Member - Kentucky Board of Realtors
Member – National Association of Realtors


Barbara Bunce

Corporate Accountant

25+ years of all aspects of Accounting, Audit, Human Resources, and Payroll
6+ years experience as Controller/Treasurer for a manufacturing company
5+ years as Human Resource Manager
15+ years of Office and Administrative Management experience

BS - Finance; University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Tom Richards


20 years of community and association management experience
24 years as a resident of condominium and homeowners associations
8 years of engineering and construction experience
15 years as a Fortune 150 senior management executive

PE - Professional Engineer (Civil/Structural)
CMCA® - Certified Manager of Community Associations
AMS® - Association Management Specialist
PCAM® - Professional Community Association Manager

MBA - Finance; DePaul University, Chicago, IL
BS - Civil Engineering; University of Wisconsin - Madison

Past President - Kentucky Chapter of Community Associations Institute
Member - Community Association Institute® (CAI)
Member - Wisconsin Alumni Association
Past Chair - CAI Legislative Affairs Committee

Brea Green

Property Manager

• National College of Business and Technology - Lexington, KY
• Associates Degree in Science/Business
• Certified Medical Assistant

• Association and Property Management Experience:
• Five Years Large Scale Apartment Property Management
• Three years Association Management
• Fifteen Years Office/Bookkeeping Experience

Brittany Watson

Property Manager

3+ years of Community Management Experience
7+ years - Military Paralegal

CMCA - Certified Manager of Community
AMS - Association management Specialist

CAM Pre Licensing course- University of North Las Vegas
Member – Kentucky Chapter of Community Management Institute

Property Management Done Right

CMA is a breath of fresh air for so many  of our boards; after years of dealing with impersonal, unavailable and often unresponsive management associations. If you are looking for an association management partner who cares and values its board member partners, then look no further. We work hard for our communities, and like to view each day as if it our first day working together. We never allow ourselves to become complacent. We believe each interaction we have with you is another opportunity to impress you and to remind you why you made the right decision in choosing CMA as your trusted HOA or COA partner.

Quick Response & Superior Service

We provide superior customer service and response to our board members and homeowners. Your dedicated CMA property manager is always available to you; answering questions and resolving any issues. When you call you will always speak to a real person, not a long recording of automated options. If your property manager is not immediately available, we promise same-day return calls and answered questions.

Simple, Worry-Free, No-Hassle Support

At Community Management Associates, a division of Sentry Management, we make your responsibility of being a board member as easy as possible. Our services are engineered to provide truly beneficial value to your board as well as your community. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Comprehensive Customized Services

Our comprehensive list of services makes us an industry leader. Being able to follow-through on our services makes us the industry leader. Our experienced staff will work with you to customize a program of services that is right for you.

Competitive Pricing and Unsurpassed Value

One of our primary goals is to save our communities money, fortifying your reserves and overall financial stability. We want your property values to increase, and homeowner satisfaction to grow exponentially. Our pricing is fair and honest for the services we provide. The cost of our services is an investment in the future of your community.

A True Partnership

We want to be more than your property management company. We work for you as a trusted extension of your board, a resource for your homeowners and as a valuable asset to your community. We will work with you to not only improve your community but also to ensure you are staying within compliance and legal bounds. Our responsibility is to provide accurate, ethical and moral support to our board members, providing them the opportunity to make meaningful decisions for the betterment of their communities.

Experience & Reliability Matters

At CMA, we take aggressive steps to ensure all of our staff is trained and experienced in their roles as property managers and support personnel. With CMA, there is no waiting around for answers. Our property managers are well-versed in Kentucky housing and Condo law – you won’t be put on hold while we Google the answers. Our property managers will be able to solve almost any conceivable problem you might be having promptly, legally, ethically and professionally. We will be there in person, on the phone or via text message when you need us most.


At CMA, we pride ourselves on giving 100% to our customers every time. From our newest customers to our oldest, from our biggest client to our smallest, we guarantee that all of our customers receive the highest level of service, support and attention to detail each and every time. This is our promise to you.

Our Reputation

For over 20 years, CMA has been a respected leader in Kentucky homeowner association and condo association management. During this time, we have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of passionate board members who care deeply about the communities they live in. We have formed relationships with tens of thousands of homeowners. No matter what changes have happened in the housing market, one thing remains constant – we have always been there to support our board members, homeowners and provided superior service to communities all across the state.

We Are Professionals

We hire only seasoned, professional property managers with at least 5-10 years’ experience and usually many more. Many of our property managers have a diverse background in all areas of real estate; including realtors, multi-family management, legal, financial, etc. We look for well-rounded professionals who can be the most beneficial to our board members and homeowners.

One-Stop Shop

At CMA, we focus on giving your time back to you. We handle 100% of vendor relations, contractor bidding, project management, compliance, violations, homeowner communication, and just about everything else you can imagine. So, you may ask yourself “What do we do now?” That’s simple. you have the time to be creative, inspire the community, set big goals and see them to completion with our partnership. We are your one-stop-shop for everything property management.

Comprehensive Project Management

Our extensive experience managing all types of complex projects, large and small, means we will handle every detail and coordinate all vendors and contractors so you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and on budget. We also communicate with homeowners for scheduling, accommodations and any special considerations during capital projects or other disruptive planned or un-planned work.

Because We’ve Been There. We’ve Done It.

When you choose CMA, you’ll feel the benefit of over 20 years’ experience in property management expertise, expert communication, delivering on every promise and guaranteeing complete board and homeowner satisfaction. If something isn’t right, we will make it right. We are more than just your community association manager – we are a trusted extension of your team; we sincerely care about the future of all neighborhoods in our great state of Kentucky. As we say often, “a rising tide raises all boats.” This means the better we can improve each neighborhood, the better all neighborhoods will strive to become. Everyone wins.

Creating a laundry list of services is actually quite easy...

Following through on those services? That’s something unique to CMA. Doing what we say we’re going to do (and when we say we are going to do it) is what sets CMA apart from other association management companies. Our services set the industry pace and are engineered to provide the highest level of support and value possible.

At CMA, we are an extension of your board and your community. A true partnership – we have your back. Yes, we’ll be there if and when issues arise, but more importantly, we have systems in place to prevent some of the most common problems faced by association boards and homeowners.

Among the many of our continually evolving services perhaps the single most important underlying commonality is “value.” All of our services are engineered to serve a purpose – to provide value; be it to the homeowner, the board member or the community as a whole. Otherwise, a service is merely a checkmark in a list.

Our core service categories are:

  • Full-service financial management
  • Comprehensive communication standards
  • Compliance, regulations and enforcement
  • Bylaw management & interpretation
  • Full-service maintenance & vendor management
  • Full access to our wealth of knowledge & expertise

Within these six core categories, there are over 75 sub-services we provide. These services are strategically engineered through decades of knowledge and experience to provide the best possible experience for board members, homeowners and neighborhoods.

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At CMA, we acknowledge and own up to the responsibility we have to our board member partners, our homeowners, communities, vendors and contractors. If we ever fail to exceed your expectations, we will make it right. We are here, by your side, as your board partner. We will see all projects through until they are done the right way and within budget.

We are also accountable to those with disabilities and those who need our team to take things slower or repeat complex ideas with a bit more consideration. We are accountable to each and every human we interact with – and take full responsibility for managing your community in the most efficient, ethical and productive way possible. That’s a CMA promise.

A Sense Of Belonging

We ensure everyone on your board and everyone in your community – in any capacity – has a voice. From a face to be seen to a voice to be heard, everyone matters. At the end of the day, we are all operating as one; our company, your board, your neighbors and your community all have a single mission: improve value and quality of life each and every day. CMA prides itself in being an inclusive company where everyone has a voice and everyone is heard.

We Are Bold. Fearless.

At CMA, we take notable, effective, and occasionally uncommon actions to ensure your community is given the best chance to thrive. To our team, being bold means always thinking outside the box and balancing intrepid tendencies with a calculated, results-driven mentality. For your community, this means our boldness and our passion to remain a leader in the industry will always benefit your community in a positive and meaningful way.


At CMA, we are not only committed to our own mission, vision and values – we are also committed to yours.  We maintain unwavering support for those who support our existence. We are here to serve you. Think of us as being an entire team of professionals with vast property management knowledge, resources and capability – who also happen to be on your board. We are by your side, every step of the way.


At CMA, we believe communication is more than simply speaking words. As experts in our craft, we feel it is important to communicate clearly and openly about all aspects of your service as a board member. We also understand the importance of effective communication with homeowners, vendors, contractors and everyone involved in your community management. Effective communication is a byproduct of transparency, inclusivity and accountability. Lastly, we believe that effective communication rests heavily on availability. You should never have to wonder if or when someone will talk with you about what concerns you most.


We have a complete dedication to our board members, homeowners within the community and even as far reaching as the state boundaries of Kentucky. Our customer-first mentality is not simply a statement, it is the reason for our existence. Our customer is you, our board members, homeowners and a responsibility to the communities in which we all share a great sense of pride. Being obsessed means we will always go above and beyond what is required of us to ensure you are supported and your voice is heard. We want your experience as a board member is meaningful and fulfilling.


We are a company which values discipline; displaying tact, patience, and commitment in all of our actions. We stay focused on your community goals and won’t let anything sidetrack us from hitting your targets – no matter how far reaching. We pride ourselves on a high level of accountability and resilience, even when it’s not the popular choice at the time.

Progressive Education

Our property managers exhibit an unwavering quest for knowledge and higher education in their craft. CMA offers educational opportunities and reimbursement for major accreditation organizations. We know the more knowledgable our property managers are, the better they will be able to serve you. Additionally, our property managers regularly attend seminars and trade meetings in order to stay on top of the latest legislation and changes in how HOA’s and COA’s operate in Kentucky.


Anyone can say they are ethical. We show we are ethical, in all that we do and say with our communities. We maintain strong principles which guide our daily decisions and actions. We will never betray the ideology of always doing the right thing – even if no one is looking. We strive to always make respectful, moral and ethical decisions when interacting with board members, homeowners and the community.


At the end of the day, we are humans first and your property manager second. We have decades of experience in knowing how to meet someone where they are at. Not everyone understands the same way, thinks the same way or reasons the same way. We have the ability to wear many hats – a trusted friend, a business partner, moral support and emotionally available when someone needs it most. With CMA, you’re not just hiring a company, you are introducing a knowledgable, caring compassionate human being to your close-knit community. We are honored to serve you.

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