HOA Management Services

Community Management Associates, a division of Sentry Management, is Kentucky’s leader in property management for community associations. Our property managers help thousands of homeowners each and every day; lending consistent communication and expert knowledge to board members throughout the state.

Our services are designed to fit the unique needs of your HOA as well as provide true value to your community for years to come.


At CMA, your financial security is our priority

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Comprehensive bylaw interpretation & management

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Consistent accessible communication

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Full-service property maintenance & vendor management

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Curb Appeal

Compliance, delinquencies & more!

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True Expertise

Decades of knowledge & experience

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Happy Homeowners

At CMA, our focus is supporting your homeowner association. We understand the challenges of being a board member, and the huge sacrifice of your time you’ve volunteered in order to help your neighborhood prosper. 

We lend our experienced property managers, our decades of knowledge and our unwavering support in order to make your neighborhood goals a success.

Passionate about property management

At CMA, our managers have 5+ years minimum property management experience. Many hail from diverse backgrounds including commercial property, multi-family, engineering, finance, real estate and more.

CMA property managers maintain top industry certifications and are constantly participating in industry training opportunities. We ensure your property manager is a knowledgeable and beneficial extension of your board.

We know it all because we've seen it all

At CMA, we’ve been in the business long enough to know exactly how to handle some of the biggest challenges imaginable. From a complete re-write of your master deed to handling homeowner disputes legally and ethically, we have you covered.

We have the knowledge and experience to give the right answers to your questions.

CMA was the first accredited HOA management company in Kentucky and owner/president Tom Richards coauthored the COA act for Kentucky.

An extension of your board

We understand the challenges of being a board member. That’s why at CMA, we handle all of the day-to-day management of your association.

We take care of financials, delinquencies, reserves, dues management, homeowner disputes, enforce regulations, project management, vendor management and more!

You’ll have the time and freedom to focus on the “big picture” decisions in your community.

Want more?
We have more!

In addition to our core service offerings, we provide our communities and boards with lots of extra bells and whistles to make managing a community fun, painless and productive.

Ask us about:

  • Professional legal assistance
  • Board member education
  • Annual calendars
  • Community event planning
  • Community/association websites
  • Remote management
  • TownSq community management app

A partnership that focuses on you…

A board member and a homeowner