Curb Appeal & Compliance

“A rising tide lifts all boats”

We know how important it is for everyone in the community to follow rules, regulations and stay current on dues. Maintaining community-wide CC&R compliance is at the heart of every successful HOA. At CMA, we take care of dues collections, violation enforcements and other time intensive tasks for our HOA boards. 

Violation Drives

  • Your property manager will drive your property once a month to ensure compliance of your documents
  • Your Manager will work with the board of directors to develop a policy for repeat offenders or properties
  • Homeowners are notified of violations on the app as soon as the manager enters them into our management software.

Architectural modification requests

  • Your manager will develop a modification request form for your homeowners this form will include any specific items your documents require for Board approval.
  • Your manager will complete a list of items for your property that need a modification request.
  • Your manager will review your modification request prior to sending it to the board of directors to ensure all documents are included.
  • Your Modification requests will be tracked in our management system your homeowners will see their approval instantly if signed up on our community app.


  • Your manager will send out reminder notices
  • If the balance is not paid by the date set by the board the manager will send out a final notice
  • Your manager will develop a delinquency policy with your Board to ensure all owners are treated equally and the delinquency policy is followed per your Board’s discretion. this policy will include when to file liens, go to small claims court or start foreclosure processes.
  • The board of directors will receive updated delinquency with notes each month.

Our services are designed to ensure your HOA prospers, long into the future!

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