Full-Service Maintenance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of special assessments”

Roads wear out, roofs will leak, sidewalks will crack and trees will need to be replaced. At CMA, we are adamant about preventative maintenance and attention to detail. Our experienced property managers know that addressing an issue early on is critical.  Catching an issue early on can be the difference between a minor fix today instead of a special assessment for a major fix tomorrow. 

Preventative Maintenance

  • CMA will develop a preventative maintenance calendar specific to your property
  • Your Manager will ensure your preventive maintenance is completed thoroughly and on schedule.
  • Preventive Maintenance schedules will help keep your owners happy with the condition of the property, increase or stabilize your property value and save the property money in the long term by keeping up with expensive maintenance items on a more manageable level.
  • Examples of preventative maintenance are pressure washing fences, pool decks, street sign checks, paint touch ups etc.

On-Site Management Visits

  • At CMA we do thing differently you can expect to see your manager on site on a regular basis.
  • CMA meets with contractors on site for bids.
  • CMA meets with homeowners to view maintenance issues
  • CMA walks the property on a regular basis with landscape contractors to look for any necessary plant removals and replacements.
  • CMA walks the property for additional damaged common areas at least twice per year.

Vendor Oversight

  • Vendors need a comprehensive scope of work and expectation to meet condo association’s needs. CMA will assist the board in developing expectations based on the current contract scope and help your vendors meet your expectations.
  • CMA will provide multiple bids to associations for projects above $1,500.
  • CMA will help associations develop a contract for large scale projects that protects you as the association.

Our services are designed to ensure your HOA prospers, long into the future!

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