Open, consistent and transparent communication with our boards

At CMA, we know from experience that open, honest and consistent communication will inevitably prevent costly mistakes and serves to strengthen our relationships with homeowners and board members. A favorite quote of ours “When you leave someone in the dark, they start to see monsters.” This is a perfect way to illustrate the necessity of communication between our property managers, your board and with the homeowners. When everyone understands the plan – and feels included – amazing things will happen.

Board Communication

  • Your Board of Directors can expect to communicate with their manager each month through an updated community specific report.
  • The Board will have access to their manager through email, office, and cell phone. Our Board members can expect a response in less than 24 hours.
  • Management Calendars are created between your manager and Board. These are used on a monthly and weekly basis to keep the board and manager on track with what tasks should be completed for each association.
  • Board meetings your manager will be present at each Board Meeting. Your Board meetings should be productive and informative. Your manager will make sure all topics are discussed and decisions are made on the next actions of the board.
  • Board members have admin rights to our community specific app. This allows our boards to view real time financials, delinquency, see open works orders, modification requests and more.

Homeowner Communication

  • Your Homeowners will have access to their managers through phone, email or Townsquare (our community app)
  • Homeowners can expect a response to any correspondence within 48 hours. Emergency phone number is available for any emergency.
  • Homeowners will have access to minutes, announcements, newsletters, homeowner financials and more on our community app.
  • Homeowner history is tracked in our management software this assists us in the history of homeowner complaints, issues or maintenance requests.

Vendor / Contractor Communication

  • Vendors need a comprehensive scope of work and expectation to meet condo association’s needs. CMA will assist the board in developing expectations based on the current contract scope and help your vendors meet your expectations.
  • CMA will provide multiple bids to associations for projects above $1,500.
  • CMA will help associations develop a contract for large scale projects that protects you as the association.

Our services are designed to ensure your COA prospers, long into the future!

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