Full-Service Financials

Focusing on the financial security of your COA

CMA focuses on managing your financial needs today and long into the future. Our goal is to ensure your community maintains a healthy financial reserve as well as  a sufficient operating budget for common expenses and capital projects. 

Monthly Board Package

  • Balance Sheet including all bank account balances, CDS, Money Markets and interest rates
  • Income Statement including month to date and year to date expenses in each category vs budgeted expectation
  • Delinquency details: including notes on each account and communication with the owner
  • Check disbursement report showing every check cut for the association within that month
  • Bank Reconciliation report
  • Open work order report showing any pending work orders

Owner Financials

  • Owners have access to the monthly balance sheet and income statement
  • Owners have access to real time ledgers
  • Each owner has an individual account number

Reserve Study Analysis & 5-year plans

  • CMA offers a reserve analysis for any property with an existing reserve study. We believe in digging in deeper to these reports and looking at the specific needs of your property. We also believe in planning for items that may not be listed in your reserve study but may be a large expense to a property. CMA has a great track record of breaking down the reserve study and reserve study planning for your owners to understand this assists the association with having the owner’s support while planning for large projects.
  • CMA’s managers are proactive with 5 year plans for the associations which allows the property to look forward when planning for your reserve account.
  • CMA managers will assist your property in taking out and repaying a loan if necessary.
  • CMA has completed a multitude of special assessments and will be happy to assist your community in passing one if required.

Reserve Funding

  • CMA has a proven track record for assisting COA associations in properly funding their reserves.
  • CMA can implement short- and long-term funding plans for an association
  • CMA will work with Boards on passing special assessments, buy in policies for new homeowners, and healthy assessment increases.
  • CMA will implement a delinquency policy with Boards to ensure the association is getting their assessments.

Board Financial Services & Full Service Accounting

  • FHA financing qualifications
  • Budget preparation
  • Financing and investment assistance
  • Invoice management and payments
  • Contract management
  • Investment account management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • And more!

Our services are designed to ensure your COA prospers, long into the future!

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