Master Deed & Bylaws Management

Don’t let your documents get lost in translation

CMA knows how important it is that your condo association documents are interpreted correctly and your homeowners have an overall understanding of them. Sometimes there may be confusion between homeowners and boards as to what the often confuscated language in master deeds and bylaws is actually saying. We can help.


  • Your property manager will provide overall guidance and and management of your community’s bylaws; ensuring all board members are protected from liability due to unclear language.
  • We will assist in rewriting and/or revising your current bylaws if necessary.
  • Your property manager will ensure your bylaws clearly state annual meeting dates, a clear account of the number of meetings per year are necessary to satisfy current bylaws, etc.
  • Your manager will assist your board in understanding the depth and breadth of authority for the ability to increase dues, require a special assessment, etc.

Master Deed

  • Your manager will review your master deed and create an easy to read document for your homeowners on violations, modification requests, delinquency policy and more.
  • Your Manager will answer any questions for the board regarding repairs responsibilities, modification requests etc per your Master Deed.
  • Your Manager can create Master Deed consolidation drafts, revisions drafts and notices to inform your owners.
  • Your property manager will assist your board in Rules and Regulation development.

Our services are designed to ensure your COA prospers, long into the future!

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